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Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapter 1

Written by TexanLady

This story contains non-consensual acts between Eric and Sookie.  It is a master/slave story with Eric as the master, and Sookie as his slave. There will be extreme bondage, fetish play, and rape. If such subject matter offends you, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! Do not be fooled by this first chapter. It is sunshine and rainbows compared to everything that follows.  

Chapter One

Sookie pulled into Fangtasia parking lot and turned her car off. Bill had been called away to New Orleans for a few days and told her when he got back he wanted to take her out on a nice date; hopefully one that didn't include police raids, magical orgies spurred on by mythical homicidal creatures, or any other type of interruptions. He told her had something really important to ask her and she was wondering if he thought it was time they moved in together. She hoped that was it. However right now she was sitting outside of Eric's bar because he had called her late last night after she'd gotten off of work. She could remember the conversation clearly because of how ominous it had been.


It was a little past 2 am and Sookie had just walked in the door and set her keys down when her phone rang in her purse. Hoping it was Bill calling from New Orleans she dug it out quickly and answered without paying attention to the caller ID. "Bill?"

"Hardly," a deep baritone voice replied.

Recognizing that voice anywhere Sookie's mood immediately dampened as she asked, "What do you want?"

"From you? Many things."

"Eric I'm too tired for your crap. Just say whatever it is you're calling for so I can get to sleep."

Eric's deep chuckle filled the phone before he responded, "I have two items of business to discuss with you. The first being your payment for Dallas. I have your check and you need to come to Fangtasia tomorrow night to pick it up."

In her bedroom now Sookie sat on the side of the bed and kicked her shoes off as she said, "Mail it."

"I could do that, but I won't. You will come to Fangtasia tomorrow night to pick it up in person."

"I'm not coming to Fangtasia without Bill and he's in New Orleans for a few days. Either mail it or wait for him to get back in town so he can come with me."

In Shreveport Eric was in his office and kicked his feet up on his desk as he explained, "You will come to Fangtasia tomorrow night to not only pick up your check but so we can discuss the second matter I must take up with you."

Cradling the phone between her head and shoulder as she stood to push her shorts off Sookie asked, "Which is?"

"Your debt to me."

"What debt?"

"The debt you must pay to save your brother's life for killing a Vampire in my area."

Total silence.

Sookie could feel her heart stop at Eric's words. She sat back heavily on the bed in only her socks, her black lace panties, and her Merlotte's work shirt. Finally she whispered, "What are you talking about?"

"Your brother was party to the kidnapping and death of a Vampire in my area named Eddy. Granted Eddy was not a Vampire of importance or great worth but I am Sheriff and my responsibilities are clear. Your brother and his once girlfriend Amy, who is now dead I've learned, kidnapped this Vampire for his blood and later killed him. It is my duty to hunt his killer down. As it is your brother's fault I have foregone the immediate death sentence I usually hand out in such situations and am willing to allow you to make a trade for his life."

"What trade?"

At Fangtasia Eric smiled darkly as he replied, "We'll discuss that tomorrow night. Be here no later than 8pm."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"I'm sure you can use that lovely little talent of yours to ask your brother and find out the truth yourself. You proved with Ginger that you can sense glamoured memories so you'll know his recollection of the event is authentic. I'll expect you tomorrow night before or at 8. Do not be late."


Sookie snapped her phone shut and groaned, "Fuck."

End Flashback

That morning, Sookie had hauled ass over to her brother's and woken up rather rudely as she screamed at him whether or not he'd killed a Vampire named Eddy while hitting him over and over with a pillow. Her brother had been in a stupor at first but when his sleep fogged mind finally cleared and he realized she knew what he'd done he sat there with his head in his hands and told her the whole story. He told her how he got into V in the first place, meeting Amy and getting caught up in the whirlwind that she was, kidnapping Eddy, holding him hostage for his blood, becoming friends with him, trying to let him go but Amy killing him first, and then his helping her dispose of the remains down the kitchen sink. Sookie had been stunned to say the least and had sat next to her brother on his bed as they both stared at the wall in silence. Finally she told him she wasn't mad at him but he needed to start thinking before he did things or he was going to get himself into trouble he couldn't charm his way out of.

After leaving her brother Sookie had spent much of the day in a daze as she wondered just what in the hell she was going to do about all of this. She was going to go to Fangtasia tonight of course. She'd seen Lafayette's memories of what happened in that basement, and knew exactly what Eric was capable of. She couldn't risk her brother's life. So now here she sat in the parking lot of Fangtasia at 5 minutes to 8. She'd gotten off work in time to go home and change and was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a baggy plain black t-shirt with sneakers. She didn't want to give Eric any ideas and had dressed down as much as possible.

'What's going to happen? I doubt Eric will kill me or really hurt me. He's made it apparent my telepathy is far too important to him for either of those. So what could he want? He's probably going to force me to work some more jobs for him most likely. Maybe agree to a permanent deal of some kind so he'll have access to my gift. I'd hate to have to work with him again, but if it saves Jason's life I don't have a choice.'

Checking the time and seeing it was now 3 minutes before 8 she knew she couldn't stall any longer. Grabbing her purse she got out of her car, locked it, and made her way towards the front of Fangtasia where she could see Pam working the door. Her stomach was in knots and she just knew tonight was going to be horrible.

At the door Pam couldn't help but smirk as she watched the little telepath her Master was so interested in approach. The girl's less than seductive apparel was simply too funny. When Sookie was close enough to hear her voice Pam greeted, "My Master is expecting you. You know where to find him."

Walking right past the taller woman without a word Sookie pushed her way through the throng of over sexed, vampire crazed, humans who were desperate for any kind of attention, and really need a stylist to pull them out of the black hole of fashion they'd fallen into. She could see Eric clearly as his eyes were on her from the moment she'd walked in. He was dressed in black leather much as he was that first night she'd met him, and had that damn smirk on his face that she wanted to slap off. She forced herself to meet his eyes and not look away. Making her way to the stage she stopped before him with her arms crossed and asked, "Well?"

Eric let his eyes scan up and down Sookie's completely covered body and drawled, "How kind of you to dress up for me Sookie. Though I'll admit I liked the first ensemble you wore to my club much more. I prefer you in dresses. Keep that in mind from now on."

Feeling her anger rise Sookie demanded, "Let's just get this over with so I can go home. I don't want to have to spend any more time around you than necessary."

Pleased by her feistiness Eric stood and said, "Follow me to my office. Our business is not to be overheard."

Sookie followed behind Eric as he led her out of the main bar area to the back of the club where his office was located. Once inside he shut the door behind her and motioned to a chair in front of his desk for her to sit down in as he took up his own seat across from her. Once they were both seated she asked, "What do you want?"

Eric leaned back in his chair and regarded Sookie before reaching into the top drawer of his desk to pull out her check. Holding it out to her he said, "Your payment." He watched her roll her eyes as she snatched the check out of his hand and cram it into her purse without even looking at it. He found it amusing and wondered at what her reaction would be when she got home and found it written out for $30,000 instead of for 10?

Still staring at him Sookie pressed, "What do you want in exchange for my brother's life?"

"I find it curious that you are so talented and he is such a fool. If it were not for the faint resemblances in your scents and appearances I would think you unrelated."

"I'm not here to listen to your thoughts on me or my family. Get to the point."

Laughing at the fire in her eyes Eric nodded and replied, "Very well. You are aware how serious your brother's situation is?"


"You are also aware that I could take his life and there would be nothing you could do about it? Your human laws are nothing but an annoyance to me and my kind with the powers and resources we have."

Gripping the sides of her chair Sookie said, "Are you really going to sit here and waste both of our time by recapping what is already known? I get it. You could kill my brother and there would be no way for me to stop you. My feeble human mind grasps that fact. Now get to the damn point. What. Do. You. Want?"


Sookie jerked at that. She stared at him in silence for a moment before asking, "Me? Ok, now you need to clarify."

Leaning forward on his desk Eric held her gaze as he explained, "You will come to my bed tonight. I will drink from you and fuck you until dawn, probably for awhile after that as I am able to stay up much later than your Bill due to my age, and then your debt will be paid. I will not seek your brother's death for his crimes."

Sookie was shocked into silence for a moment before she hissed, "No freaking way! I am not a whore! Ask for something else!"


"What do you mean no?"

"I mean no."

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "Eric I can't sleep with you!"

"You can and you will…or your brother's life is forfeit."

"Ask for something else. You can have the money back or I'll work other jobs for you, but not this."

"The money is nothing to me. I have plenty, and if I need you to work for me I have many means of procuring your cooperation. As Bill's Sheriff he is subject to me and thus you are as well. If I ever have need of your skill and you refuse to come Bill's wellbeing will be on the line. Your skill I can take at any time, and will as the need arises. Your body? That must be freely given."

"This isn't freely given! This is coercion! You're leaving me no choice!"
Shrugging Eric replied, "In my world it is the same thing. You have a choice. Not a good one, but it is there nonetheless."
"I'm Bill's! Isn't this against your laws?"

"You are not blood bonded to him so as long as you agree to come to me I am well within my rights to have you."

"I can't do this! Bill would never forgive me. You're trying to destroy my relationship with him!"

Shaking his head Eric argued, "He'll never have to know. I'm aware he's in New Orleans and that he'll be there for three more days. As you obviously bathe regularly my scent will be gone from your body by the time he returns and I will heal my bite marks on your flesh. Only you and I will know. I give you my word I won't tell him."

"How can I believe that?"

"Because I've given you my word. I rarely give it and have never broken it."

Sookie was silent a moment before asking, "What's blood bonded?"
Smirking darkly at that Eric answered, "Perhaps one day you'll find out. For now you have a choice to make; come to my bed tonight or your brother will be dead before dawn. Pick one." Eric watched as Sookie buried her hands in her hair as she took deep gasping breaths. He could hear her rapid heartbeat and the scent the fear rolling off of her, and was thoroughly pleased by it. He already knew what her answer would be. There was no doubt she would be in his bed within an hour.

He was taking this route with her for several reasons. First, being he knew she would never come to him of her own free will and he was tired of waiting. The situations he found himself in with her had not lent him a favorable opinion in her eyes. Regrettable as he would much rather she come to him of her own choice, but this would do just as well. Second, he wanted to show her what it could be like between them so she could tell how far Compton paled in comparison. Third, he would use tonight to not only finally be able to take some of her blood but to get more of his into her to build their connection. He fully intended to permanently take her from Compton and the stronger their connection the less likely she would hate him for it. After a good five minutes of silence passed he asked, "What is your decision?"

Looking down at her clenched fists in her lap Sookie whispered, "You know."

"Indeed." Standing from his desk as he picked up his car keys from the top he came around the side and held his hand out to her. "Come."
Taking a deep breath Sookie stood on shaky legs ignoring his outstretched hand. He simply laughed at her defiance and led her out of his office and through the back door where his red Corvette was parked alongside Pam's BMW. As he held the door open for her she said, "S—shouldn't I take my car so I can go afterwards?"

"I will return you here tomorrow night. You will end up sleeping the whole day from exhaustion and would not be able to drive when I'm done with you anyways."

She jerked at that before sliding into the car without meeting his gaze. He had her door shut and was around the side to slide in next to her before she could blink. She watched as he pulled a black scarf from the glove box. "What are you doing?"

"Blindfolding you. Since you do not belong to me I will not allow you to know the way to my house. I will remove the blindfold once we are inside."

As he reached towards her to cover her eyes she asked, "Why can't we just go to a ..." she stumbled over the words and closed her eyes as she forced herself to continue, "To a hotel?"

Smiling at her difficulty Eric replied, "Because I want to fuck you in my bed; over and over. Close your eyes and hold still." Truthfully he'd never fucked a woman in his own home before. He had safe houses he took his nightly conquests to so other than Pam (who he hadn't had sex with in over 90 years) Sookie would be the first person to ever come into his true home much less his own bed. He was bringing her here so he could enjoy the scent of her in his home for days afterwards. Not to mention that once he made her his she would be there often so there was little point in taking her to a hotel or safe house now.

After the scarf was put into place, Sookie sat in silence throughout the entire car ride. She was actually grateful for the darkness so that she wouldn't have to see Eric out of the corner eye. Her stomach was rolling and she was glad she hadn't eaten anything since breakfast or she'd be throwing up all over the car. Her hands clutched her purse tight and she wanted badly for all of this to be over. She was tempted to call Bill, but knew it wouldn't serve any purpose. Bill had made it clear after they came back from Dallas just how much control Eric had over him and told her that she needed to stay away from the Sheriff next to her to keep from provoking his interest any more than she had. 

'Too late for that,' she thought bitterly.

Ten minutes later, after driving at a neck breaking speed, Eric pulled into his garage. He was out and around to Sookie's side and opening her door within a second. Reaching to undo her seatbelt he said, "I'm leaving the blindfold on until we are in my underground lair. I'm going to carry you."

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "I'd rather walk. You can lead me."
Laughing softly at her defiance Eric reached to pick her up in his arms before kicking the door closed and heading into his house with swift strides. As she struggled against him he laughed, "Sookie I'm going to do much more than hold you very shortly. Stop fighting so little of a thing."

Sookie went still in Eric's arms. She listened to the stillness of his house punctuated only be the occasional sound of his steps on what she assumed to be hardwood floors. She felt herself shifted from time to time as doors were opened and closed as they passed through them. Then she found herself set on her feet and the sound of something electrical beeping and working before there was a click. She "eeped" when she was swept back up into Eric's hold, and listened as a heavy swooshing sound indicated a large door behind them as he carried her forward.

Eric moved swiftly through his underground lair to come to stand beside his bed. Setting Sookie on her feet he removed her scarf and tossed it onto a nearby chair before moving to grab a bag he had in preparation for this moment in his closet.

Sookie had her arms wrapped around herself as she took in the room when Eric left. The colors were all dark browns, tans, greens and blacks and very masculine. It was modern with animal skin rugs and she hated the fact she actually thought the area was tasteful. She glared at Eric as he returned to stand in front of her with a red bag stuffed with matching tissue paper. "What's that?"

Smirking at her Eric held the bag out and replied, "What you will wear. Go into the bathroom and change. Be quick. If I only have a night I will make the most of it."

"You want me in clothes? Doesn't that kind of get in the way?"

"I prefer to unwrap my gifts." Letting his eyes scan her baggy t-shirt, jeans and sneakers he continued, "The wrapping you've adorned yourself in is less than pleasing. Go change."

Gritting her teeth Sookie ripped the bag out of his hands and stomped into the bathroom. She ignored the lavish facilities as she reached into the bag and pulled out a handful of red lace. Cursing softly she gripped the counter and looked into the mirror. 'I can't do this! I can't sleep with him and betray Bill! But if I don't he'll kill Jason. I know he will. I saw a different side of Eric in Dallas but there is no doubt in my mind he is still capable of monstrous things. If I don't do this I know he'll hurt Jason. I have to do this. I'll figure out what to tell Bill afterwards.'
Shedding her clothes she slipped into the red lace babydoll, matching panties, and robe before taking a deep breath and leaving the bathroom. She found Eric standing beside the bed still fully clothed and was surprised. She had expected him to already be naked so he could get to forcing sex out of her as quickly as possible. Clenching her fists she glared back at him as he raked his eyes over her body.

Eric stood with his arms crossed over his chest as he took in the sight of Sookie before him. Her hair was down around her shoulders in curly waves and her tan skin glowed magnificently against the red lace of the lingerie he'd selected for her. Her long toned legs were mouthwatering and he was pleased by her tiny bare feet with a nice French pedicure. 

He hated big feet on a woman. Grinning at her he said, "The color red is perfect on you; you were made for it. You look stunning Sookie."
"I'd prefer not to talk to you. This isn't a pleasant experience. You're forcing me to sleep with you so please drop the good guy act."

"Oh Sookie…I can be a very good guy. You just refuse to see it." Dropping his arms to his sides he ordered, "Come here and undress me."

Eyes widening, Sookie asked, "What?"

"Come undress me."

"You can't be serious!"

"I'm very serious. Come over here and remove my clothes for me."

"Eric I…."

"Now Sookie, remember the consequences of you failing to please me tonight."

Reminded of what was on the line Sookie took a deep breath and walked forward. Refusing to meet his eyes she took hold of his leather jacket with shaking hands and pushed it off his shoulders to slide down his arms and drop to the floor. She pulled his black silk shirt out of his pants and unbuttoned the few buttons that were done since he obviously liked to display his chest. When she was done with that she pushed it off his shoulders as well; all the while staring straight at his chest. With that done she kneeled down and unzipped the side of his left boot so he could step out of it and pulled his sock off before turning to the other one and doing the same. She forced her mind to stay numb to what she was doing in order to keep from hyperventilating. When she was done with his feet she stood back up and reached for his belt. As she unbuckled it she thought, 'I just have to get through this. It's one night. One night for my brother's life. It's a fair trade.'

Eric watched Sookie closely the entire time she removed his clothes. He could tell she was fighting to remain in control and was pleased his mere presence affected her so much. He knew she was afraid, but soon she would know only joy at the feel of his body against hers. When she took hold of his belt and unbuckled it to pull it free of his pants he could feel his already hard cock twitch inside his leather pants. He knew Bill had been her only lover as she had definitely been a virgin when he first met her. Thus she would be more than surprised at what he had to offer. He smirked as Sookie kept her eyes closed as she worked the buttons and zipper on his pants before pushing them down his hips so he could step out of them.

Sookie took deep breaths while keeping her eyes closed. She couldn't believe she was in this situation. She would give anything to be anywhere else right now, and wanted desperately to run away. She couldn't though. She would not sacrifice her brother's life for anything. She didn't know what was going to happen after tonight due to what she was about to do, but she did know Jason would be alive and that was enough for her. Bill might hate her, but at least her brother would be safe.

Taking her hands Eric placed them on his chest and ordered, "Open your eyes Sookie. Open them and touch me. You will be an active participant tonight."

Her jaw clenching Sookie forced her eyes open to stare straight at the rock hard chest before her and slowly drew her hands down his chest to trace the ridges of his abdomen as she whispered, "I don't want to do this."

"You'll feel differently soon enough, take my cock in your hand."

Gasping at the crude order Sookie refused to look lower as she asked, "Why are you doing this? Can't you just get it over with already?"

Taking her chin in his hand to bring her gaze to his Eric replied, "I have spent centuries perfecting the art of mating. I will rush nothing tonight and you will scream my name as I bring you pleasure you can't even imagine. I may have gotten you here through force, but I assure you that you will enjoy every moment you spend in my bed."

"Don't count on it."

Smirking at her Eric took her hand from his stomach and wrapped it around his cock. When she gasped in surprise he purred, "We'll see who's right come dawn."

It was like hot steel covered in velvet in her hand. She'd never felt anything so soft yet hard at the same time, and it was huge! She couldn't even wrap her hand around it! Jerking back from him she shook her head furiously and stuttered, "I … I can't do this! I can't!"

Having expected this Eric reached forward to grab Sookie's elbow and pull her back to him. Crushing her against his chest he growled, "You have no other choice." Keeping one arm wrapped around her back he trailed his other hand up her thigh to press directly against her lace covered sex and continued, "I will be inside you tonight Sookie, deep inside you and you will only beg me for more."

Her traitorous body came alive at his words and touch. The cold hard planes of his form pressed so tightly against hers caused a tremor of lust to rush through her. She denied it of course, but she had been attracted to Eric from the first time she saw him. It was his personality that turned her off so much. Closing her eyes she begged, "Please Eric … please don't make me do this."

Leaning down to nuzzle her neck Eric replied, "I promise only that I will not enter you until you beg for me to." Pushing the small lace robe off her shoulders he kissed her exposed flesh and nipped at the skin before continuing, "You are afraid but I swear you will enjoy my attentions. You fear Bill's reaction but he'll never know. There is only us tonight. Only me and you. Tonight is for us and if you still wish to return to that fool afterwards I will let you go…know only that the offer to be mine is always open to you."

When she didn't answer he swept her up in his arms and carried her to his bed. Laying her atop it like an offering in the center he pushed her legs open to kneel between her spread knees. Leaning over her with his hands planted atop the mattress on either side of her head he lowered himself to brush his body against hers before nipping her lips and demanding, "Open for me."

Sookie parted her lips and immediately felt Eric's tongue sweep inside her mouth to seek out his own. He teased her lightly at first before all but forcing her to engage in the kiss. Despite her desire to refuse him she found herself opening to him fully as her tongue warred with his. She could feel the hardness of him pressed against her center and she could feel herself growing wet as the kiss continued. His hips were rolling against hers slowly to tease her womanhood with the feel of him. The recurring pressure was stroking the embers of her lust. As much as she hated to admit it this was the most intense and erotic kiss she'd ever had and she couldn't help but arch up against Eric as he nipped at her lips one last time before beginning to lick, suck, and bite at her jaw and neck as he made his way down her body. 'Oh God! He's making me burn!'

Eric twirled his tongue over the edge of Sookie's collar bone before bracing himself on one arm so he could use his free hand to pull the tiny strap of her nighty down enough to expose one of her breasts to him. Taking in the sight of the luscious mound with the hardened tip he growled, "Beautiful," before lowering his head to take her nipple into his mouth.

"Ah!" she cried out. Her hands gripped the soft bedding beneath her in tight fists as she hissed at the feel of Eric's teeth and tongue teasing her peak before he began to suckle at her in a way she never would have dreamed imaginable. The heat in her body was building to all new levels and she marveled at the sensation. She'd never felt anything like this before, and she was appalled at the realization that she was more turned on now than she had ever been with Bill. When Eric scraped his fangs against her nipple before moving to nuzzle the rest of the top of her babydoll down to expose her other one and begin sucking on it she couldn't help but moan, "Eric." The feel of his hips moving so slowly against hers and pressing his erection into her over and over again combined with the sensation of his mouth on her heated skin was driving her insane!

Eric knew he was pushing Sookie towards total abandon. She denied her attraction to him over and over but he knew she'd been fascinated with him from the moment she'd laid eyes on him at Fangtasia that night months ago. He also knew that her desire for him had been slowly building ever since he'd tricked her into taking his blood. He knew the dreams of him must be driving her insane, and now that he was actually touching her she couldn't help but succumb to her own want. Twirling his tongue around her nipple one last time he released it from his mouth with one final suckle.

Leaning up above her on his knees again he took the sides of the red lace babydoll and pulled it down her body to her hips as he ordered, "Lift." She hesitated only a second before arching her hips off the bed so he could pull it free of her body as she moved her legs when necessary to help him. Tossing it over his shoulder on the floor he stared down at her. She was completely naked save the small red lace bikini covering her sex. Setting his hands on her sides he trailed them over the lush curves of her hips as he gazed at her perfectly tan body and growled, "You should be mine."

Sookie was panting lightly as she looked up at Eric. He was kneeling between her legs in all his glory and she couldn't help but look down. She'd felt him earlier, but seeing him was totally different! She didn't even know men could be that large! Not to mention her experience with men was limited to Bill and she couldn't help but notice the differences. Eric wasn't circumcised and he was thick and longer than she was comfortable with. The head of his cock was red and angry as it thrust towards her out of the foreskin dripping with precum. His manhood jutted out from his body like a weapon and she felt fear rise up in her. 'There's no way that's fitting inside me! He'll bust through my rib cage!'

Scenting her fear and seeing where her gaze was directed Eric guessed what her concern was and soothed, "I'll fit. You'll be wet for me soon and I'll feel good inside of you."

"Eric I can't …."

He didn't give her time to answer as he bent over her to nip at her navel while his hands gripped her hips. He liked that she had curves. Too many women these days starved themselves to nothing and there was nothing to hold onto. A woman was supposed to be soft and supple. A man was supposed to be able to sink into them and find comfort in their bodies. Not be poked and prodded by sharp lines and bones sticking out. Sookie was all softness and he growled at the sensation. Kissing his way down her body he moved between her legs to take hold of her panties and rip them from her body and toss the scraps away. He gazed at her beautiful sex and could hardly contain his lust. She was closely shaven and her puffy lips were glistening with her desire. "I have waited so long to taste you Sookie." Inhaling deeply he purred, "Your scent is divine."

Sookie was shaking in nervousness and desire. She was about to pull her legs back and tell him that she could do this with him. If he wanted sex that was fine but she couldn't do this with him. Before she could she felt him pull her labia open with one hand while the other arm wrapped over her waist to hold her down while his mouth went to work. She cried out at the feel of his tongue stroking up along the length of her and moaned, "Eric ….
Eric's eyes closed in rapture as he lapped gently at Sookie's moistening sex. Her juices flowed across his tongue like honey and he knew he'd never tasted a woman as sweet before and doubted he would ever. He'd expected Sookie's flavor to be better than other women due to her delicious scent but he'd never expected this. 'There's no way she's human … not this woman … she is so much more!'

As Eric's mouth worked between her thighs Sookie's rational mind began to fade away as pure sensation took over. She buried her hands into his hair as her hips rolled upwards against Eric's mouth and she cried, "Oh God!"

Eric swept his tongue up along Sookie's wet center again and again in a rhythmic motion before swirling it around her clitoris. As he suckled the little bud as he had her nipples he moved his hand from holding her open to slip two fingers into her tight sheath to stroke the silky heat of her. 'She's so fucking tight! I can't wait to feel her around my cock! The feel of her alone will bring me to release.'

Sookie's head rolled from side to side as her feet pushed against the bed to buck her hips into Eric's eager mouth. One hand stayed buried in his hair while the other traveled to her breasts to tease her nipples in time with Eric's mouth working her center. She could feel his fingers thrusting inside of her as his mouth pushed her towards the edge and she whimpered, "Oh God, Eric … uh … don't stop! Don't stop!"

As if he would. He could feel her tight walls clenching at his fingers as he pumped them into her again and again while he sucked and licked at her pearl. He felt her legs move to wrap around his back and shoulders while her hand gripped his hair to hold him to her as if he would move away. His arm was tight around her waist to hold her still enough for his attentions as she was becoming more wild in his hold. 

His tongue swirled around her clit every time he sucked her into his mouth while his fingers began to pump harder and faster into her welcoming folds. He had never enjoyed going down on a woman so much before and knew he would spent much of this night with his head between Sookie's thighs. Curling his fingers inside her on every down stroke to increase her pleasure as he worked her body Eric thought, 'I'm going to fuck her so hard tonight Compton will never be able to please her again. She'll return to me, she'll come back for the pleasure only I will ever be able to give her.'

Sookie couldn't think anymore. She couldn't form a coherent thought inside her head. Her entire focus was centered between her thighs as Eric worked her body in ways she'd never known were possible. She was thrusting against his mouth and hand as she cried out, "Oh God Eric! uh … it burns! ... so close!"

He knew she was. He could feel her inner muscles tightening around his fingers as her body tensed beneath him. As she wound tighter around him he nipped softly at her clit to lick up her flowing juices. His fingers continued to pump into her and as soon as he felt the first tell tale tremors of her inner muscles around him signaling her release he popped out his fangs and sank them into her thigh to drink from her femoral artery. Blood so rich and full of life and energy unlike any he'd ever feasted on flooded his mouth and he felt the beast and darkness well up inside him and roar in satisfaction.

Sookie's response was immediate as her entire body jerked and she cried out, "ERIC!" Her fists buried themselves into the golden hair of the Vampire between her thighs as her legs locked around him. Ecstasy rushed forward as her body bucked and rolled in the throes of climax.
Her cries of pleasure had his ego swelling and he knew he'd hear many such cries not only tonight but in the future. As he drank long and deep of her fiery blood he swore she would be his. He would find a way to either get rid of Compton or to force her to his side. One night would never be enough. As he drank deeply of her essence he identified what it was that was so different about Sookie Stackhouse; Fey. Little Sookie was part Fae and it was only another nail in her coffin so to speak. 

There was no way he would let Bill keep such a treasure. He took as much as he could before withdrawing his fangs. He wanted to feed from her several times tonight and couldn't take too much now in order to do so. Nipping his tongue on his fangs to draw his own blood he began to lick his bite marks closed with a mixture of his saliva and blood to further bond them. It wasn't a true blood exchange but it was enough to bind her closer to him.

Sookie collapsed back against the bed panting with her eyes closed as she trembled through the last few aftershocks of her orgasm. 'Oh my God … he … that … oh my God!'

Eric spent a few moments licking up the cum leaking out of Sookie's womanhood before he kissed his way up her body. Lowering himself over her to press their bodies together he claimed her lips in a heated kiss and was pleased that she knew how to kiss around his still drawn fangs. Her rubbed himself against her as her arms came around him to hold him tightly to her. He felt her nails dig into her as her legs wrapped around his waist. He could feel her heated center pressed against his straining arousal and pulled back from the kiss to growl, "You taste unlike anything I've ever experience…you are sweet Sookie, so fucking sweet."

Sookie was too far gone to be upset by his words. Despite her orgasm she was still heated and primed. She wanted to feel him all around her. She wanted to feel him inside her. Rolling her hips against him she whimpered, "Eric."

He heard and understood the plea in her words and responded to it immediately. Lifting himself up from her to once again kneel between her thighs he trailed his hands along her stomach to cup her breasts. He teased the fleshy mounds before demanding, "Say it Sookie, tell me what you want."

The thought to refuse his words never even crossed her mind. The fact she was dating another man, the fact she didn't like Eric, the fact that he had forced her to his bed were not important at this moment. Here and now there was only them and she gave him what he wanted without hesitation. "You … I want you."

"Then you shall have me." Reaching down to take hold of his erection and guide the head of his cock to her wet opening. When he was in place he took hold of her hips and ordered, "Wrap your legs around me Sookie." When she had he kept hold of her hips and smirked down at her as he said, "Look at me Sookie."

Hands gripping the bedspread on either side of her body Sookie raised her gaze to meet Eric's heated one. His body loomed large over her smaller frame as he kneeled between her legs. She could feel the thick head of his cock pressing against her opening and she tried to thrust her hips towards him to take him inside her, but his hold on her prevented that. "Eric, please!"

He was thoroughly satisfied by her desire for him. His fangs were out and he looked dark and menacing above her as he hissed, "You will never forget this moment." He thrust forward.

She arched off the bed and cried out, "ERIC!" He stretched her so full and wide she felt like she was splitting apart. There was pain, but there was pleasure too. It felt like he never ended as he slid farther and deeper into than she thought possible. Only when she felt him pushing against her cervix did he stop. Her body bucked against him as she panted, "Oh God! Oh God! Eric! It's too much!"

"You will take all of me!" Eric growled as he bucked his hips against her to bury himself to the hilt. His head fell back and he groaned in sheer ecstasy. "Fuck … Sookie you are magnificent, you are so hot and tight around my cock little one!" The feel of her silky walls was killing him. Falling forward to brace himself above her with his hands on either side of her head he growled down at her, "Look at me!"

Sookie opened her eyes slowly and looked up at Eric over her. The pain of his invasion had disappeared quickly to leave only a deep ache inside her. The feel of him so thick and long inside her drove her insane with need. She needed to feel him moving. She needed to feel him take her hard and fast. Her legs were wrapped around him and her hands moved to settle on his shoulders as she begged, "Move, please! God Eric, please move!"

He didn't need to be told twice. Holding her gaze he pulled his hips back slowly before slamming back into her. He watched as Sookie's mouth fell open at the sensation and her eyes went wide in wonder. He knew he was stretching her farther than she'd ever been before with his considerable size and he reveled in that fact. He enjoyed the knowledge that Compton would always leave her wanting after this night as the memory of his cock would never leave her. Pulling out and slamming into her over and over at a maddeningly slow pace to drive her towards insanity he growled, "Do you feel me Sookie? Do you feel my cock spreading you open?" Thrusting into her harder he hissed, "This is what it is to be fucked. I'm going to make you beg and cry for me little Sookie, you will never be able to forget the feel of me inside you. Never."

"I don't care! Please Eric! Just take me already!" Sookie cried out as her nails dug into his shoulders and she bucked her hips in time with his movements. Her breasts arched upwards as she cried out when he hit a spot inside her that had her seeing stars. "Eric! You're so big!"

"Beg for me Sookie … beg for my cock … beg me to fuck you!"

"Eric! Please! Harder! Faster!"

He purred in satisfaction before increasing the pace of his hips movement. He began to buck into her harder and faster. Her walls gripped at him and clenched his cock so tightly it caused him to hiss in pleasure with every stroke. Leaning down to nip at her lips he claimed her mouth in a dominant kiss as he began to ride her hard and fast. His hips thrust into her again and again as the headboard of his bed slammed against the wall accompanied by the sound of their thighs slapping together. 'She feels so good … so wet and tight around my cock!'

For her part Sookie was mindless to anything other than the feel of Eric. His cock was buried deep inside her and impaled her again and again while his tongue stroked hers into submission. His body was huge and dominating above her and all she knew was him. 'So good … so hard, more … I need more of him!' Her legs tightened around his waist as her nails scored his back while she rolled her hips upwards to meet his thrusts head on. The slick sound of his erection sliding in and out of her welcoming heat accompanied the other sounds of their animalistic fucking. She tore her mouth from his as he scraped his fangs along her neck and shoulder. Arching up against him she held him as tightly as she could and cried, "Don't stop Eric! Don't stop!"

"Never." He nipped at her jaw before clamping his fangs around her shoulder to hold her in place beneath him. His beast was roaring at him; demanding he claim this woman as his for all time. His hips began to thrust harder and faster into her as he rode her for all he was worth. He had never felt so out of control with a woman before. He wanted to crawl inside her and live in her warmth for the rest of his undead life. The scent and taste of her combined with the feel of her body beneath his as he rode her hard had him snarling against her shoulder. 'She will be mine … I will not let Compton keep her … I'm going to own her!'

Sookie bucked and rolled beneath Eric for over a half hour as he took her hard and fast. His cock thrust into her so deep he hit her cervix with every stroke and drove her nearly mindless with the pleasure. "Eric! oh God! you feel so good inside me!"

Her words spurred him on and his hips moved at his fastest vampire speed. He could feel Sookie clenching around him as her second orgasm approached. His own cock was straining in need as he buried himself inside her over and over, and snarled against her shoulder where he had her pinned down. His primal hunger was overriding his rational mind as he let loose and took her with everything he had. This was no longer sex; this was pure animalistic claiming. He was her alpha and she was his mate. She was his!

Sookie couldn't take it anymore. Arching up against him as her arms and legs tightened around his body she threw her head back and screamed, "ERIC!!!" Pleasure unlike any she'd ever experienced welled up inside her. White hot heat seared her from the inside out as electric energy ignited every fiber of her being. She felt everything and nothing all at once. She was lost to anything other than the feel of Eric and her pulsing womanhood around his cock buried deep inside her.

As her pussy clenched around him when her orgasm hit Eric threw his head back and roared. In that moment he was everything that was male and primal. His shout of triumph shook the walls and furniture in his room as he slammed his hips into her one last time and shot forth his seed deep into her womb. His fists dug into the bedding on either side of her to keep from bruising her fragile body with his hold as he ground his pelvis into hers. He wanted to bury himself so deep inside her she would never be free of him. His muscles strained as his body trembled in pure rapture.

When Eric collapsed against her quaking body Sookie found one of her hands slowly stroking the corded planes of his back while her other hand sank into his hair. Her mind was awash with pleasure and she couldn't think. "Oh my God …."

Eric basked in the afterglow of both his and Sookie's climaxes, and reveled in the feel of her body trembling beneath him. Her light pants as she struggled to catch her breath while her fingers stroked gently along his back and through his hair had his beast purring in satisfaction. As a Vampire his cock remained hard and he was ready to go within moments. Pulling back from Sookie and withdrawing his cock from her with a slurp he growled, "I'm far from through with you."

Before Sookie could respond she found herself on her hands and knees and screamed in pleasure as Eric slammed into her from behind. "AH!"
Leaning over her with his hands beside hers on the bed Eric growled into her ear, "I'm going to fuck you unconscious, Sookie. Only to wake you up and fuck you again!" Lifting back up he fisted a hand in her hair to jerk her head back causing her body to arch beneath him. Slamming into her again and again as she cried out with every thrust he slapped her ass hard and hissed, "You'll never be able to take pleasure in another man after me! You'll never enjoy the feel of that idiot Compton after I'm done with you!" Thrusting into her even harder he continued, "My cock will be the only one you'll ever crave again!"

"Eric … uh … uh!" Her body rocked forward with every buck of his hips. The sting of his slap to her ass combined with the pain of his grip on her hair and surprisingly only heightened her pleasure. She'd never imagined she'd enjoy being dominated in any way but Eric's treatment of her was only spurring her on. "Uh … harder … please harder!"

'I knew she would be submissive in bed! I knew she would be able to appreciate a mixture of pain and pleasure…she will make a perfect sub for me once I take her from Compton.' Gripping one hip with his hand to jerk her back against his hips with his every thrust he turned her head to the side with his hold on her hair and growled, "Take my cock Sookie, feel me ride you hard, you've wanted this from the moment you set eyes on me … you've wanted to feel me fuck you like you need to be fucked … that fool Compton will never be able to give you what you need … you need a man to show you your place … and I am that man!"

She didn't care that his words were crude and dominating. She didn't care that he was taking her so hard, holding her so tightly she would be bruised and sore come morning and would carry the reminders of this night for days to come. All she cared about was the feel of him pumping inside her. She'd already cum twice but she was well on her way to a third. "Eric, please … fuck me harder!"

"Yes, my Sookie … beg me to fuck you!"

"Please! Harder!"

He hissed in satisfaction. Releasing her hair to grip both of her hips he began to slam into her with renewed vigor. He groaned at the sight of her plump ass bucking back against him. "I'm going to own you, Sookie; you're going to be mine!"

"I don't care! Just don't stop! Don't stop!"

He rode her hard and fast; going faster and faster until Sookie's arms could no longer support her and she collapsed atop the bed with her ass still in the air meeting him thrust for thrust. His domination of her was driving him closer to the edge faster than he had anticipated. Feeling his release approaching he reached one hand under Sookie to stroke her clit. "Cum for me Sookie … scream my name!"

Sookie's head was lying atop her folded arms as she knelt on her knees before Eric with him pounding into her from behind. She could feel the coil of pleasure building tightly inside of her. She was close and she would give Eric anything he wanted if it meant she'd get to experience that all consuming pleasure again. "Eric, don't stop  … I'm almost there! So close!"

He responded by pinching her clit and the pain combined with the pleasure he was providing sent her over the edge. She cried out beneath him as he slammed into her. As her walls tightened around him he felt his balls swell and unload deep inside her once again. Throwing himself over her back he sank his fangs deep into her neck to drink deeply of her intoxicating blood.

The feel of his fangs piercing her oversensitive flesh only drove Sookie further into the abyss of her orgasm. She was literally a quivering mass of pleasure beneath Eric's massive form. "Eric," she moaned breathlessly.

He purred against her back as he sucked at her neck. He could feel the thrum of energy inside of Sookie and knew that tonight was just getting started. He'd never been so hot for a woman before and he was determined to take her in every way imaginable. There was nothing he wouldn't do to her tonight and by tomorrow she would know exactly what it was he could do to her. Taking only enough blood to ease his hunger so he could feed on her again tonight he pulled back and once again bit his tongue to mix his blood and saliva together to heal her wound. He could feel each drop of his blood flooding her body and binding them closer together.

Rising up above her Eric could feel how relaxed she was. She was quivering and practically boneless beneath him as she panted in an effort to catch her breath. Knowing now was the perfect time to initiate her to the next act he wanted to subject her to he slowly withdrew his cock from her tight folds, and enjoyed the sight of her juices and his cum seeping from between her thighs. Leaning to the side he pulled open his nightstand and pulled out the tube of KY jelly he'd put in there for just this moment. Squeezing some out onto two of his fingers he reached under Sookie to stroke her folds softly as he purred, "Don't tense up."

"Huh?" Sookie asked dazedly. She moaned lightly as Eric began to stroke her folds and pleaded, "I can't again … give me a moment ... please … it's too much."

"Oh it's not nearly enough," Eric purred. He kept his touch light and gentle between her legs as she knelt before him while his other hand moved into position. Putting the two fingers with the jelly against her rosebud he ordered, "I will give your pussy time to recuperate while I make use of another entrance."

Sookie gasped in shock as she felt Eric rub a cold substance around her back entrance and began to squirm away from him as she realized what he was intending to do. Pushing herself up from her half lying/half kneeling position so she was once again on all fours she tried to crawl away from him as she cried, "Oh hell no!"

Growling at her defiance he removed his hand from between her thighs to wrap his arm around her waist. Pulling her up he jerked her back against his chest and hissed, "Do not move!"

Tensing in fear at the steel in his voice Sookie settled her hands atop his arm banded around her waist and whimpered, "Eric … I—I've never …."
Nuzzling her hair he purred, "I know, but you will now." Having lubricated her hole he pressed one finger against the tight ring of muscles and ordered, "Don't tense up. Relax and press back against my finger. I will prepare you for my entrance … you will enjoy this."

She was shaking in his arms and was about to insist he stop when she felt his finger push into her. Since it was only one there was only a slight sting. She gasped at the sensation. 'It's … it's so odd, it's not bad … but … uh!' She could feel his finger stroking in and out of her slowly. Bit by bit her inner muscles relaxed at the feeling and she found herself pressing back against Eric as he nipped at her shoulder while they kneeled on the bed together.

Eric pushed and twirled his finger inside Sookie until he felt she was ready for another. Nuzzling her head to the side he leaned over her and took possession of her mouth. As he distracted her with a kiss he pressed a second finger into her opening. It slipped inside her much easier than the first one and he felt Sookie tense slightly at the new intrusion before she relaxed in his hold and continued with the kiss. He felt one of her hands come up to cup the side of his face as they kissed and he took the other one in his free hand to move them both between her thighs. Together they began to stroke her sensitive folds softly while he loosened up her other entrance for his impending invasion.
'Oh God! This is really starting to feel good! How can I enjoy this! How can I let him do this to me!' Feeling his fingers curl inside her back entrance while her hand stroked her womanhood along with his other one she thought, 'But it's so good!'

Eric soon added a third finger and was stretching her wide. She was still very tight, but he knew he'd be able to get inside her with only a little difficulty. It would hurt her at first, but she would become accustomed to it. After stroking his fingers inside her a few more times to loosen her up he ended their gentle kissing and pulled his hand from her pussy to push her forward on her hands and knees while continuing to work her rosebud. Still stroking her he leaned to the side to pick up the KY and squirted some on the head of his cock. Pulling his fingers from her he gripped her hip and positioned himself at her entrance and ordered, "Don't tense up."

Sookie was perched on her hands and knees before Eric once again with her head hanging down between her arms. "Eric I don't know about this, I don't think it will work."

Smirking at the fear he heard in her voice he replied, "It will, just don't tense up." Reaching under her to begin stimulating her clit again he purred, "Focus on me … remember the pleasure I give you." As he spoke he began to push forward. The sight of his huge cock pressing into her small opening had his fangs running out again and he hissed, "Push out and it will help you to take me inside you."

Sookie did as he said and cried out softly as the head of his cock popped into her opening when he pushed into her. "Eric! It hurts!"

"Shh … it will get better … relax." He gave her a moment to adjust to the feel of him invading her as his fingers continued to stroke her pearl. Soon enough she relaxed again and he began to push forward. The pain of him spreading open her untried passage returned and she cried out in hurt again. When she tried to crawl away from him he gripped both her hips to hold her in place and growled, "NO! You are staying right here, I'm going to take your ass … just relax and breathe."

"Eric please! It hurts! I don't want to do this!"

"You will. Just calm down and don't tense up." He kept hold of one hip so he could move his other hand to begin stroking her cunt again to rouse the passion in her. He knew he was hurting her and he reveled in that fact. The only thing sweeter than her pain was her pleasure, and he intended to give her both. Slowly inch by delicious inch he buried himself into her until his pelvis was pressed tightly against her ass.
Sookie's eyes were filled with tears as she begged, "Eric! Take it out! Please! It hurts! I can't do this!"

Continuing to stroke her clit while his other hand trailed slowly down her back in a soothing manner he purred, "Easy Sookie, it's going to be ok … just breath…focus on your clit … focus on the pleasure … it will get better … I promise … just breath and relax."

She did as he said and took deep shaky breaths as she trembled before him. She felt like he was tearing her apart! She was whimpering in a blend of pleasure and pain. His fingers in her folds felt wonderful, but the feel of him in her ass was hurting her. "Eric, please … it hurts."

Her sexy little whimpers and pleas for his mercy were killing him. It was taking everything he had to keep from pounding into her with ruthless abandon. "I know it does … you'll be fine soon, just feel me … feel me and focus on the pleasure." Slowly he began to rock against her. He withdrew a bit before pushing back in. When she cried out he purred, "Just breathe pet, it will get better."

Sookie was shaking now. The feel of him rocking against her was painful. "Eric you're too big! You have to stop!"

"No, I've wanted to do this since I first saw you, we're not stopping. You have to relax. Relax and focus on my fingers in your pussy. Feel me stroking your clit and focus on the pleasure."

For long moments Sookie forced herself to relax as Eric began to rock into her more and more. She focused on the feel of his fingers between her thighs and the pleasure she felt as he stroked and teased her clit. Slowly she began to stop hurting and found pleasure at his actions and rocked back against him lightly.

Behind her Eric grinned as he realized Sookie was ready for him to really begin fucking her ass. He'd started by pulling out only an inch or so before pushing back in and slowly increasing the length of his strokes more and more. By the time Sookie pushed back against him he'd been withdrawing half of his cock before pushing back in. Now that she was participating he was truly ready to begin. Removing his hand from between her thighs he took hold of both of her hips and pulled all the way out until only the tip of his cock was inside her tight passage before pushing back in slowly. His head fell back and he hissed, "Fuck you feel good, you're so tight little Sookie."

"Eric," Sookie moaned as she pushed back against him. The feel of him pumping into her ass was a whole new kind of fullness. She couldn't even begin to describe the sensation. It was still painful but the pleasure of it was indescribable and all consuming.

He could feel the ecstasy in her from his blood inside her and knew she was truly ready. Pulling back he thrust inside her in a swift stroke and smirked in satisfaction as she cried out at the action and pressed back against him harder. With that he began to buck into her with abandon. "This is what you need Sookie. This is what you've wanted. You want me to fuck you in every way imaginable. You want me to show you the ways of pleasure. You are too good for Compton, you need a warrior to match your fire—you need me!"

Sookie couldn't even begin to respond. All she could do was grunt and moan as her head hung down between her arms. Her breasts swayed and bounced in time with Eric's increasing thrusts and she cried out, "Uh! Oh God! ... harder! … faster!"

"With pleasure." With that he began to ride her as they both now wanted. Harder and faster he pumped into her while growling, "You're so fucking tight pet … so hot and tight around my cock ... your ass is perfect … tell me Sookie, tell me how good my cock feels inside you."

"Oh God Eric! It feels so good! You're so big! Don't stop! Take me! I want more of you!"

"Then more you shall have."

His growls accompanied her soft mewls as they bucked and thrust against each other as he introduced her to the forbidden joys of anal sex. He rode her long and hard as his balls slapped against her ass with every thrust. He gripped one hip and buried his other hand into her hair to pull her head back as he snarled, "This ass is mine! You'll never allow another to fuck you like this! Do you understand!"

"Yes! You! Only you! Please Eric! It's so good!"

Her pleasure was combining with his as he rode her. Letting go of her hair he reached under her to stroke her clit in time with his thrusts as he hissed, "You're going to be mine sweet Sookie. I'm going to own everything you are! You're going to be my slave! I'm going to take you for my own and you will spend the rest of your limited mortal days pleasing me!"

Sookie was too far gone to realize the significance of his words. All she knew was the blinding pleasure his hand and cock were bringing her. "Yes Eric! Take me! Harder!"

He pounded into her with renewed energy and was literally a blur as he thrust into her. He was fighting off his own orgasm as he refused to come before her, but the tightness of her ass was driving him insane with need. He fucked her harder and faster as he toyed with her clit to push her towards the edge. "Feel me fuck you Sookie … feel me fuck this virgin ass of yours! It's mine now Sookie …. I own you!"

His words spurred her on and she couldn't take it anymore. Throwing her head back and sending her hair flying out wildly around her Sookie screamed, "ERIC!" as her orgasm rushed over her. Her arms gave out and she collapsed forward as Eric jerked her raised hips back against his cock a few more times as he sought his own release.

Eric pumped into her three more times before howling in ecstasy as he exploded inside her harder than he had ever cum in his life. His cock shot load after load of his seed deep inside her ass as he fell forward. He managed to brace his weight on his arms on either side of Sookie to keep from crushing her as his cock twitched inside her in tiny aftershocks. "Fuck you're good, little one … and considering how many women I've had you should be proud. I'm definitely going to be keeping you."

Sookie was too far gone to understand his words and merely lay beneath him panting into the comforter. Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweet and she didn't think she'd be able to move if her life depended on it.

Above her Eric kissed her bare shoulder as he pulled his cock out of her ass. He enjoyed her slight hiss of pain before moving to lie on his side next to her. Pulling her against his chest he nipped her neck and said, "Recuperate quickly little Sookie. Next I'm going to fuck you in my shower. After that I think I'll take you on top of my desk, and then I'll have you in the hot tub. We have hours little girl, and I intend to spend all of them buried deep inside of you."

"Oh God …."


The next night Sookie sat blindfolded and silent next to Eric as he pulled his Corvette into the back parking lot of Fangtasia a little after midnight. As he'd promised he had fucked her unconscious the night before. He'd taken her in so many ways, positions, and places she'd literally lost count. She couldn't help but blush as she remembered how many times he'd made her cry and beg for him; how he'd had her in tears with want and need for the feel of him inside her. She'd hated herself for it, but at the time she couldn't think beyond the pleasure he'd given her. Just as he claimed, she doubted she'd ever be satisfied with her lovemaking with Bill again. There was simply no comparison.

She didn't even remember passing out, but she did remember waking up tonight. She'd slept all day as Eric had predicted she would. She hadn't moved an inch from her position trapped under his body as he lied half atop her as he laid dead. He'd had an arm wrapped tight around her chest cupping a breast as he held her to his body possessively. Sookie had only woken up and moved when she'd felt Eric suckling at her breast again while his fingers stroked her core, and before she could realize her debt to him was paid and he had no further right to her body she was already spreading her legs and begging him to take her. He was only too happy to accommodate her, of course.

So she'd woken tonight to another round of incredible sex with Eric followed closely by another and another. He'd kept her hyped up on the feel of him for hours so that she couldn't think and refuse his advances. It had only been around 11pm when her cell phone rang in her purse and drew her attention as she lay panting beneath Eric's body after their latest romp that she realized what exactly was going on. Screaming in outrage she'd risen from the bed in anger and wrapped his sheet tightly around her as she began shouting at him angrily for taking advantage of her.

He'd simply lain there in all his naked glory smirking at her in amusement; obviously not perturbed by her upset in the least. Finally she'd stomped into the bathroom to retrieve her discarded clothes from the night before and put them back on as she yelled at him that she wanted to go home. She didn't think it wise to try and take another shower since it might give him another chance to make her lose control. When she reemerged from the bathroom she'd found him in his boots and pants pulling on another black silk shirt. She'd completely ignored him as she grabbed her purse off a nearby chair while he retrieved the scarf. Once she was blindfolded he carried her stiff body to his car and they'd been on their way.

The entire car ride was silent with Sookie fuming in anger and embarrassment while Eric was relaxed and more than satisfied. His night with Sookie had been beyond gratifying and he knew he was going to be using every resource and power available to him to snatch her away from Compton. Now that he knew the pleasure her body and blood provided he refused to sit back and wait for her to realize what an idiot Bill was and come to him on her own. That would take too long. He wanted her to be his now … and he always got what he wanted.

Normally he always bathed after using a woman, but he couldn't bear the thought of washing Sookie's scent from his skin. Just as he doubted he'd be washing his sheets for a few days. He wanted to bask in the scent of her on and around him for as long as possible. He regretted that Sookie was leaving him tonight, but at least he knew he'd created a craving for him in her blood; she would leave him tonight but she would be fighting her desire for him with everything she had every day she was away from him. He had bitten her a total of six times the night before and twice tonight; each time he'd mixed blood from his tongue with his saliva to heal the wounds. Not to mention the fact he'd actually bitten into his wrist and poured some of his blood down her throat after she passed out in exhaustion a little after dawn before he died for the day. He now had a healthy and strong connection with Sookie. They were not blood bonded yet, but he knew that would happen as soon as he got rid of Compton.

Pulling into his parking space at Fangtasia he was up and out of the car and around to Sookie's side before she could even undo her seatbelt. Opening the door he took her arm and lifted her out of his car and shut the door so that she was standing in front of him. Removing the blind fold he smirked down at her as he tucked the black silk into his jacket pocket and said, "Our trade is complete. Your brother's debt is paid."
Glaring at him in anger Sookie chose silence over any comeback and spun around to walk away from him. She was stopped as Eric took hold of her wrist to prevent her escape and she looked back at him and demanded, "Let go! I don't ever want to see you again!"

"But you will … many times." Shifting his hold on her wrist to take her hand he brought it to his lips and kissed her fingers softly. "Good night little Sookie ... and remember that if you ever have need of me you have but to call. My bed is always open to you. No other woman has ever been given such an invitation. Not even Pam."

Jerking her hand from his hold she hissed, "Well then give it to someone who actually wants it! You got your damn trade you jerk, and it's never going to happen again!"

Eric watched as she spun away from him again and stomped off in anger. "We'll see little one. We'll see." When she was out of sight he headed inside the back door of his bar and found Pam waiting for him in his office.

Pam sat languidly on the couch in her black corseted dress as her Master walked in. Seeing the huge grin on his face she asked, "Get her out of your system?"

Sitting back in his chair Eric replied with a smirk, "Not. Even. Close. Begin the preparations. Compton has to go … I want her marked and recognized as mine in two weeks. No more."

Rolling her eyes at her Master's continued infatuation with the girl Pam stood up and headed out of the office to begin making the necessary phone calls to get rid of Bill Compton; the only true obstacle Eric had to claiming Sookie for his own. 'What it is about her that fascinates him so?'

When his child was gone, Eric logged into his computer and pulled up his home account. What Sookie didn't know was that he had a top of the line security system in his lair that included a surveillance system. He could access the video logs from any computer after logging into the account. Doing so now he pulled up the video from his previous night with Sookie. Fast forwarding through the footage he finally paused one and selected the image that had caught his eye. It was of Sookie lying naked on his bed completely sated and downright delirious from his attentions. One arm laid next to her head where her golden curls were spread out around her while her other hand was settled over her toned abdomen. Her feet were planted on the bed and her knees were spread revealing her perfect pussy; which was oozing copious amounts of his seed and her juices. He remembered this moment. He'd been in the bathroom filling his Jacuzzi tub for them to enjoy while she recovered from their last mating.

Feeling his cock harden at the sight, he saved the image and set it as his screensaver on his computer before emailing the image to his cell phone to set it as the background there as well. After that was done he picked up the phone and arranged for ten dozen arrangements of red roses to be sent to Sookie's home tomorrow signed simply, "E". His preparations done, he stood from his desk and made his way to the front of the bar. It was time to entertain the vermin. He'd had his night of ecstasy and now it was time to work again. 'Besides, Compton will be gone soon enough and then I'll be able to enjoy Sookie every night at my leisure…it will be grand. Maybe I should get her a collar with "Eric's Property" on it? Now that's a thought.' Taking a seat on his throne he thought, 'She's going to be mine … forever.'


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